CBD – Healing without the high

Green Heart of Copenhagen was founded to care for the ones we love. Our products are sourced from carefully selected family farms and our ethical standards are among the very top of the CBD industry.

Our signature product brand is CopenhagenCBD.

The CopenhagenCBD products are:

  • Broad Spectrum premium quality which contains 0.0 % THC
    (our products will NOT make you high)
  • Extra tested and verified by a Danish 3rd party lab to ensure that you are getting a safe, potent product that contains exactly what it’s supposed to
  • 100 % organic

We would love to meet up and to hear from you.
Please check out the event page for opportunities.

Warm regards
Rikke and Yasmin 

Signature products

  • Comfort Drops
  • Comfort Capsules
  • Comfort Salve

We'd love to hear from you!

Email us below or give us a call on +45 70 60 52 58

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