A research article published by Bonn-Miller (2017) in the Journals of the American Medical Association presented concerning results on the labeling accuracy of CBD products purchased in the United States. The study analyzed 84 different CBD oils, tinctures, and vape liquids purchased online from 25 different companies. They collected data on cannabinoid profile and potency and compared this to what was advertised on the label. They found that 42.85% of the products had more CBD than indicated on the label, 26.19% had less CBD than indicated, and 30.95% were accurately labeled. This means almost 70% of the products were labeled inaccurately. They found THC in 18 of the 84 products at varying levels up to 6.43 mg/ml. The study also showed that vape liquid was the most inaccurately labeled.

Since 2017, a number of additional studies have been conducted and found similar results.

At Green Heart of Copenhagen we take ALL available measures to assure correct labeling including performing our own Danish third-party testing by a respected testing facility.
But be aware that this is rare!

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