CopenhagenCBD Comfort Drops, 1500 mg CBD, 0.0 % THC


CopenhagenCBD Comfort Drops

Our certified organic CBD oil tincture is crafted with premium ingredients and delivers the natural flavor.
It can be enjoyed day or night to promote calm and overall wellness.

Our product guide is included with all orders.

The price also always includes your local VAT & free shipping.

Our drops are specially developed for sublingual administration (placing under your tongue) to ensure fast and efficient absorption.

They work well as a topical applied directly onto your skin, too.

Shake well before using.

Hold drops under the tongue for 90 seconds before swallowing.

Drops may be even better absorbed – resulting in a stronger effect – when taken after a meal containing some healthy fat or oil. 

Each 10 ml bottle contains 200 drops.

There is 7.5 mg CBD in each drop.
There is 75 mg CBD in half af pipette.
There is 150 mg CBD in a full pipette.

To enjoy for example 30 mg CBD, simply place 4 drops under your tongue. 

Organic MCT Oil (coconut) and rich hemp extract.
Broad spectrum CBD from hemp.
This is a 0.0 % THC product.

The CopenhagenCBD products are extra tested and verified by a Danish 3rd party lab to ensure that you are getting a safe, potent product that contains exactly what it’s supposed to.

View the lab report for this product.

Certificate Of quality Assurance (COA)

You can easily verify the quality of your CopenhagenCBD products by checking the Danish third party lab certificates.
Just identify the product batch number on the label of your product and identify the corresponding COA in the lab report link.

We take safety and quality seriously!  

Great value 1500 mg CBD

We never compromise on quality, which is why every batch is tested by a Danish third party lab.

Thank you for your trust!

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